Diesel Generator Acoustic Enclosure consists of the following,

Free Standing Acoustic Enclosure for both indoor and outdoor applications
Sound Proof Doors.
Double Glazed glass Windows.
Ventilation Intake and Exhaust Silencer.
Ventilation air Blowers.
Turbo Charger Intake Silencer (for Large Capacity).
Engine Exhaust Silencer.
Acoustic Insulation of Engine Exhaust Piping.

Care is taken to ensure,

Trouble free Maintenance
Adequate ventilation arrangements to take away the heat generated inside the enclosure.

Diesel generator Acoustic Enclosure

1000 KVA D.G Set Acoustic Enclosure For NTPC

4 Nos 2600HP DG Test Bed Acoustic Enclosure Layout For DLW / Indian Railways

  Engine Exhaust Silencer
  Diesel Generator Building Acoustic Treatment
  Telescopic Acoustic Enclosure for DG Test Bed


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