Noise Survey
Blast Furnace
Septum Valve Silencer
Air Blow Off Silencer
Sound proof Cabins for Operators
Oxygen Plant
    Compressor Noise Control
    Oxygen, Nitrogen Vent Silencer
Power Plants
    Steam vent Silencer
Drum safety valve vent silencers
Startup vent silencers
Super heater safety valve vent silencers
Blow down vent silencers
Turbine exhaust vent silencers
Steam drain line vent silencers
Pressure reducing valve silencers
    ID / FD / PA / SA Fans
Suction silencers
Discharge silencers
Acoustic claddings
Acoustic enclosures
    Gas Turbine Acoustic enclosures
    Steam Turbine Acoustic enclosures
    Generator Acoustic enclosure
    Ball mill Acoustic enclosures
    Bowl mill Acoustic enclosures
    Boiler feed pump Acoustic enclosures
    Sound proof cabins - Portable
    Sound proof control rooms
    Acoustic treatment of buildings
    Diesel Generators
Turbo charger intake silencers
Exhaust silencers
Diesel generator Acoustic enclosures
Air / Process gas compressors
    Suction silencers
    Discharge silencers
    Air blow down silencers
    Acoustic enclosures
HVAC Duct silencers
Hydraulic system silencers
Rail & Structural Mill
    Sound Proofing the Pulpits
    Sound Proof Cabins
    Machine Shop Noise Control
De-coiling Plant Noise Control
Sinter Plant
    Air Intake Silencer
    Sinter Exhaust Silencer
    Sinter Exhaust Blower Noise Control
Turbo Blower Hall Noise Control
Sound Proof Cabins for Operators in Turbo Blower area
Presses, Forging Machines
Any other Noisy Machines
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